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Code of Conduct

All coaches, players, parents and spectators shall conduct themselves in an orderly and professional manner. Everyone shall show respect and good sportsmanship toward players, coaches, spectators, officials and HYAL volunteers at all times. Physically assaulting, punching, verbally abusing, cursing, derogatory comments and/or threatening any player, coach, official, parent, spectator or HYAL volunteer is strictly prohibited.

2023 - 2024

 Mission Statement:

The Hazlet Youth Athletic League (HYAL) Travel basketball mission is to teach, develop, organize, manage, and offer youth players, whose residence is within the Township of Hazlet, the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of basketball while instilling life-lessons and values such as character, teamwork, discipline, respect, and sportsmanship.

This travel program exposes and offers players a higher level of competition while developing fundamental basketball skills. Player development is stressed and disciplined, team-oriented play is emphasized.  Practice time and advanced training are provided to enhance the skills of each player with the goal and vision of having players ready to play at the middle school and high school level.

HYAL Travel Basketball Commissioner:

The HYAL Travel Basketball program will have a commissioner as defined in the current Hazlet Youth Athletic League, INC. By-Laws.


The goal of HYAL travel basketball is to field primary teams in the following age divisions:

Boys 13U

Boys 12U

Boys 11U

Boys 10U

Boys 9U

Boys 8U

Girls 13U

Girls 12U

Girls 11U

Girls 10U

Girls 9U

Note – Our primary league does not have a Girls 8U division.

Coaches and Staff:

Head coaches for all HYAL Travel basketball teams are submitted by the travel basketball commissioner to the HYAL Executive Board for approval.  Individual team staff’s (Assistant Coaches, Managers, Scorekeepers, Team Mom or Dad, and any other positions deemed needed by the head coach) are to be chosen and appointed by the head coach. After appointment, the head coach will inform the HYAL Travel basketball commissioner of these appointments. The head coach by this appointment is responsible for the conduct of these appointees.

All head coaches and assistant coaches and any other team support personnel that will be assisting in team practices or on the players bench during games must complete a mandatory HYAL background check.

Player Eligibility:

Players are eligible to try out for the HYAL travel teams based on the current Hazlet Youth Athletic League, INC. By-Laws, Specifically Article IX Player membership.  In addition, each potential player must be registered with HYAL Travel Basketball prior to attending a try out and must be a resident of the Township of Hazlet. Players may try out for any team which they are currently age eligible.  Player may “play up” in age but in no circumstances may a player who is older than the birthday range play on a younger team.  

2023-2024 Travel Age requirements

Boys U8 After 7/31/14

Boys U9 8/1/13 and 7/31/14

Boys U10 8/1/12 and 7/31/13

Boys U11 8/1/11 and 7/31/12

Boys U112 8/1/10 and 7/31/11

Boys U13 8/1/09 and 7/31/10

Girls U9 After 7/31/13

Girls U10 8/1/12 and 7/31/13

Girls U11 8/1/11 and 7/31/12

Girls U12 8/1/10 and 7/31/11

Girls U13 8/1/09 and 7/31/10


Player Try Outs:

Each team will have a minimum of two try outs for roster spots.  More try outs may be added at the discretion on the coaching staff from each team.  As a general rule, the roster will contain between 8 and 15 players.  The final number of players on the team is at the sole discretion of the head coach. Tryouts will be held as soon as possible after the close of signups for Travel Basketball.  All players chosen must attend at least one team tryout.  All players trying out must be registered with HYAL Travel Basketball for the current year.


As a general rule - Teams will practice more or less often and participate in more or less games depending on their age level.  In the beginning of the season – September, October and into November there is a large amount of gym availability so teams will practice more frequently.  When the HYAL Rec program starts, gyms are not as available so practice time is cut down. Older teams in our program tend to be placed in the later times slots for practice (8:00pm-10:00pm) while the younger teams may be placed in the earlier slots (6:00pm- 8:00pm). The amount of practice for any individual team is at the discretion of the Head Coach, with guidance from the Travel Basketball Commissioner, based on gym availability.


HYAL is currently affiliated with two separate basketball leagues.

Mid-Monmouth Basketball League – Our Primary league – for 11’s and above runs from middle of October to Middle to late December. For 10’s and under runs early January to middle to late March.  Teams from Monmouth County.  All teams are expected to play in this league.

Central Jersey Basketball League – Our Secondary league – Runs from early December to late March.  8-12 games plus playoffs.  Teams generally North and West of us.  Our teams play in this tournament based on the discretion of the Head Coach and the Travel Basketball Commissioner.


Teams participate in Basketball tournaments at the discretion of the Head Coach with guidance from the Travel Basketball commissioner based on level of commitment and skill level of individual teams.    Teams may play in any tournaments with the approval of the Basketball Commissioner.  Tournaments played in the past:

            Marlboro – November

            West Long Branch – Thanksgiving

            St. Clements’s – Christmas

            Mt. Carmel – Santa Scamper – Christmas

            Clark – February / March

            North Brunswick – March




For the most part HYAL Travel Basketball is self-funded.  That is, the parents are charged the amount of money that is spend by each team to participate in leagues and tournaments.  These costs include, but are not exclusive in, League and Tournament registration fees, Referee fees, Facilities rentals, uniforms, Warm up and practice jerseys, equipment, and any other expenditures as required by the HYAL Executive Board.    


After travel teams are chosen the HYAL initial travel fee of $250 will be collected, by check or Venmo, made payable to HYAL.  If paid by cash a cash receipt will be issued.  The registration checks are to be collected and presented to the HYAL treasurer for deposit in the HYAL basketball account.

If the player needs a new uniform or a replacement for the current year, the uniform fee will be collected in addition to the travel fee listed above. 

As funds for individual teams are needed – Items described above – The Head coach will notify the Travel Basketball Commissioner who will in turn notify the Treasurer.  This notification should be in writing.  Unless first approved by the Travel Basketball Commissioner, at no time should any person associated with an individual basketball team collect and distribute money for any of the items described above.  All funds must pass through the HYAL Treasurer.

Under no circumstances should any individual open a bank account either in a team name or in an individual’s own name for the purpose of holding funds intended to be passed through the HYAL Treasurer.


Fundraising may be permissible for the Travel Basketball Program and/or for individual teams as defined in the current Hazlet Youth Athletic League, INC. By-Laws and any fundraising guidelines established by the HYAL executive board.

For the Travel Basketball program and individual teams in general, as long as not contrary to the rules acknowledged in the previous paragraph, any and all travel basketball fundraising will be coordinated and approved by the Travel Basketball Commissioner. 

Any team wishing to fundraise must submit the fundraising request to the Travel Basketball Commissioner.  If the Commissioner approves the plan, it will then be submitted to the HYAL Ways and Means Committee for approval.  If approved the team will be allowed to proceed with the fundraising event.

Any funds collected must be submitted in a timely fashion to the HYAL Treasurer for deposit into an appropriate account.

Any Travel Basketball Fundraising may be cancelled or rescinded at any time by either the HYAL Executive Board or the Travel Basketball Commissioner.


All Game uniforms are purchased as needed for each player. The cost of the uniform is included in the total fees paid to the HYAL travel basketball program.


Players may keep the pregame warmups or “shooting Shirts”

Practice Tank

Players may keep the reversible practice tank tops


Any other equipment used by the travel basketball program is the property of the Hazlet Youth Athletic League.

Any questions please email [email protected]

10u Girls Travel Basketball

2023 8u Boys Basketball

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